Cluster Master Science Plan


The Master Science Plan is an important and critical part of the process of planning Cluster science operations. It provides the strategic view of the acquisition of science data by the four Cluster spacecraft, e.g. in terms of scientific targets.

The links below provide access to a variety of information on the current and past plans


Plans for future MSP production

Overview of what the Plan provides

Previous Plans

ASCII list of Overall Plan

ASCII list of Future Plan

Notes on scheduling of BM3

High level views of the Plan

Constellation (December 2019/May 2020)
Bryant Plot of First Dayside Constellation (January/May 2001)
Bryant Plot for transition to First Tail Constellation (June/July 2001)
Bryant Plot of First Tail Constellation (June/November 2001) (New version 17 August)
Bryant Plot of Second Dayside Constellation (February/May 2002)
Bryant Plot of Second Tail Constellation (July/October 2002)
Bryant Plot of transition to Third Dayside Constellation (October/December 2002)
Bryant Plot of Third Dayside Constellation (December 2002/May 2003)
Bryant Plot of Third Tail Constellation (June/November 2003)
Bryant Plot of transition to Fourth Dayside Constellation (October 2003/January 2004)
Bryant Plot of Fourth Dayside Constellation (November 2003/June 2004)
Bryant Plot of Fourth Tail Constellation (July/October 2004)
Bryant Plot of Fifth Dayside Constellation (November 2004/June 2005)
Bryant Plot of Fifth Tail Constellation (July 2005/October 2005)
Bryant Plot of Sixth Dayside Constellation (November 2005/June 2006)
Bryant Plot of Sixth Tail Constellation (July 2006/October 2006)
Bryant Plot of Seventh Dayside Constellation (November 2006/June 2007)
Bryant Plot of Seventh Tail Constellation (June 2007/October 2007)
Bryant Plot of Eighth Dayside Constellation (November 2007/June 2008)
Bryant Plot of Eighth Tail Constellation (June 2008/October 2008)
Bryant Plot of Ninth Dayside Constellation (November 2008/June 2009)
Bryant Plot of Ninth Tail Constellation (June 2009/October 2009)
Bryant Plot of Tenth Dayside Constellation (November 2009/June 2010)
Bryant Plot of Tenth Tail Constellation (June 2010/October 2010)
Bryant Plot of Eleventh Dayside Constellation (November 2010/June 2011)
Bryant Plot of Eleventh Tail Constellation (July 2011/November 2011)
Bryant Plot of Twelfth Dayside Constellation (November 2011/June 2012)
Bryant Plot of Twelfth Tail Constellation (July 2012/November 2012)
Bryant Plot of Thirteenth Dayside Constellation (November 2012/June 2013)
Bryant Plot of Thirteenth Tail Constellation (July 2013/November 2013)
Bryant Plot of Fourteenth Dayside Constellation (November 2013/June 2014)
Bryant Plot of Fourteenth Tail Constellation (June 2014/November 2014)
Bryant Plot of Fifteenth Dayside Constellation (November 2014/June 2015)
Bryant Plot of Fifteenth Tail Constellation (June 2015/November 2015)
Bryant Plot of Sixteenth Dayside Constellation (November 2015/May 2016)
Bryant Plot of Sixteenth Tail Constellation (June 2016/November 2016)
Bryant Plot of Seventeenth Dayside Constellation (December 2016/April 2017)
Bryant Plot of Seventeenth Tail Constellation (May 2017/November 2017)
Bryant Plot of Eighteenth Dayside Constellation (December 2017/May 2018)
Bryant Plot of Eighteenth Tail Constellation (May 2018/December 2018)
Bryant Plot of Nineteenth Dayside Constellation (December 2018/May 2019)
Bryant Plot of Nineteenth Tail Constellation (May 2019/December 2019)
Bryant Plot of Twentieth Dayside Constellation (December 2019/May 2020)
Bryant Plot of Twentieth Tail Constellation (May 2020/December 2020)
Bryant Plot of Twenty First Dayside Constellation (December 2020/May 2021)
Bryant Plot of Twenty First Tail Constellation (May 2021/December 2021)
Bryant Plot of Twenty Second Dayside Constellation (December 2021/May 2022)
Bryant Plot of Twenty Second Tail Constellation (May 2022/December 2022)
Bryant Plot of Twenty Third Dayside Constellation (December 2022/May 2023)

Detailed views of the Plan

These are expanded views each showing the equivalent of two hours of local time in the precession of the Cluster orbits (local times are referenced to that at apogee). The expanded scale allows more detail to be shown, e.g. location of TDA8 periods (WBD downlink to Panska Ves). These plots are now available on the JSOC wiki.

Important: Since 2012, Cluster science requirements have led us (occasionally) to schedule a significant number of BM1 and BM2 periods at different times on each spacecraft, e.g. because of large spacecraft separations, and because of the need for careful targeting of BM2 on the auroral acceleration region. Due to the design of the JSOC software that handles the four-spacecraft Master Science Plan, these single spacecraft operatons cannot be represented in the Bryant plots shown on this web page or in the ASCII table of the Master Science Plan. See the JSOC wiki for details of these single spacecraft periods, and any no-data-taking periods.

Catalogue of all Bryant Plots

Awaiting update
See the catalogue of all operational JSOC Bryant plots

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